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Tying the Knot in Your Golden Years

Saturday, July 16th, 2022

Committing in your golden years is a special time. You’re vowing to someone you’ll be there through the good and bad and enjoy those special moments after retirement together. However, getting married as a senior comes with some difficulties you’ll need to navigate.

Discuss Housing Immediately

Before you walk down the aisle, know for certain where you two plan to put down roots. Does one of you have a home that works for both of your needs? Would you like to purchase a home together? Perhaps a retirement community is a suitable option, where you have less worry and possibly more opportunities for fun and socialization.

If you plan on purchasing a home together, don’t delay. Start the process as soon as possible because it takes an average of 50 days to close on a home. You two first need to establish a budget. Then, ensure you can get the loan and how much of one you’ll be granted by getting preapproval.

Unsplash; Picture by Bram Van Oost

Know About Each Other’s Debt Beforehand

Financial problems are a common reason that marriages fail. And nowadays, seniors tend to have the highest amount of credit card debt, with the average being over $8,000, compared to other age groups. Reduce the possibility of financial woes by knowing what debt you both have.

Once you know the figures, plan a course of action. Could one partner help the other reduce or eliminate their debt? Will consolidating the debt into one monthly payment lower the payments?

Figure Out Home Maintenance and Repair

After you figure out where you’ll live, determine a home maintenance schedule. It also helps to prepare for the worst   a home repair. As you age, certain tasks become impossible or unsafe to perform. Therefore, have a list of pros you may need at some point, and research professionals now. For instance, you could benefit from having a plumber and an HVAC repair company on hand.

If you’d both like a beautiful lawn but can’t achieve it yourselves, hire a lawn aeration service. You can then achieve that healthy yard you desire by having nutrients applied to the soil. Often, companies that specialize in lawn aeration may also offer weed control, fertilizing, and thatching, so keep this in mind when hiring them. You can easily do a search online for an ‘aerator service near me.’ You may be able to get a discount for using multiple services. However, before you hire, check for the proper licensure and insurance and ask for referrals.

Determine Insurance

Will one of you add the other to their health insurance, or must one of you look for a new policy? Don’t forget to sign up for Medicare as soon as you’re eligible.

Fortunately, once you find a policy, you can access medical care from your home with an online doctor. You can get counseling online, among a variety of other options, and it’s convenient. You won’t have to wait to get your prescriptions filled until you have time to visit a doctor in person. Plus, virtual appointments are usually more budget-friendly because they’re less expensive with a cheaper copay.

Picture by Joanna Klup? Unsplash

Plan for Your Lives Together

For the best outcome, plan for your lives together. You’ll have fewer hurdles to overcome in the future.

If you’re looking for a hobby to do together, start reading. Visit Anna del C. Dye’s site for some book titles.

Exercise for Seniors in downloadble PDF for 21 Types of Exercises

Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

One of the biggest problems some people have with exercise is that it can be boring. Another gripe is that it seems like many exercises are designed for people who are already healthy and working out regularly.


On this page you can download PDFs of the best exercises for seniors, for different types of exercises. We have also provided links to our full articles on each type of exercise.

They say variety is the spice of life, and it’s certainly a great spice when it comes to exercises for older adults.

Any kind of exercise seniors can do is good, and up to a point more is better. However, if you really want to make the most of your workouts and stay mentally engaged, while not go for a variety of routines.

The benefits? Switching up your workout will prevent overuse of specific muscle groups, give new muscles a chance to participate and make your fitness efforts more interesting. You’ll be more likely to stick with it.

You need flexibility to turn your neck when you’re driving, to reach for things, to participate in sports and activities that you love. Shoulders, arms, legs, back and ankles all need stretching. Anything that gets these parts to use their full range of motion is a stretching exercise.


Misty Wolf fights to discover the cause of Caylie’s rapid cognitive regression and mental health deterioration

Wednesday, July 6th, 2022


For Caylie

Unabashed Memoir of the Battle, Breakthrough and Future with a
Genetic Variant

Misty Wolf

Non-Fiction Medical Mystery, Parenting Memoir

book is a must-read for parents, teachers, industry professionals
alike. It is a testament to a mother’s love for her daughter with
an in-depth look into obstacles facing those struggling to get
adequate care and support for someone with a disability.”

Program Coordinator, Crisis Foster Care

In Looking
for Caylie
, author Misty Wolf takes you inside her journey as she
fights to discover the cause of Caylie’s rapid cognitive regression
and mental health deterioration. Wolf bravely challenges traditional
IEP narratives in education by dismantling the school vs. parents
mentality, and establishing that each team member was on Caylie’s
side. This authentic and raw account of Caylie and Misty‘s struggle
in navigating the US medical system, and disability support, reminds
us that we are not alone in our journey.

gripping story of the love of a mother who will stop at nothing to
get answers the health of her daughter, in the face of professionals
who keep turning them away.”


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Wolf resides in Santa Clarita, California, alongside her beloved
Caylie, her parents, and their Shih Tzu named Gilly Goose. Misty
focuses her writing and speaking on her experience of being the
mother of a child with a rare mutation disability. Misty completed
her education with a Bachelor of Arts in Project Management (with a
minor in Criminal and Civil Law), and a Masters in Criminal Justice,
with a specialization in forensics.

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A Veteran”s Guide with Tools and Financial Resources

Sunday, May 29th, 2022

How to Start a Small Business – A Veteran’s SMB Guide with Tools and Financial Resources


As a veteran, many of the skills you learned in the military can be especially helpful in running a business. The wide range of hard and soft skills you acquired through service can be transferred with great success to the private sector. Many veterans are doing just that.


According to the United States Small Business Association (SBA), 2 1/2 million businesses are run by veterans. Nearly one in 10 U.S. businesses are veteran-owned. They cover the entire range of business types: from professional and technical services to consulting, construction, consumer products, and more.


While funding can be an obstacle for many new entrepreneurs, veterans have some advantages. Federal agencies are required to set aside a certain amount of funding for vets. This is especially helpful, given that many veterans lack sufficient credit history to obtain funding from traditional sources like banks.


In this guide, we outline the steps you’ll take to get a successful company off the ground ( We’ll dive deep into each step and explain exactly what you need. We’ll introduce you to the wide range of excellent resources that can help you turn an idea into a successful business.

Cinco de Mayo; what happened in Mexico on that day

Thursday, May 5th, 2022


de Mayo: What Is Everybody Celebrating?


Donald W. Miles

Nonfiction, Hispanic History

de Mayo has evolved into a holiday so popular that in the United
States it draws larger crowds than here in the United States. About
half a million people turn out for the annual event in Los Angeles
alone, but exactly what is everybody celebrating? They’re there for
the music – and the half-priced margaritas – but if you ask around,
you won’t find many people who can tell you what happened in Mexico
on that day. There are very few adult-level books currently on the
market about that subject, but readers can now learn how the Mexicans
took back their country after a five-year struggle against the French
army in this 90,000-word book, Cinco de Mayo: What is
Everybody Celebrating? (2nd Ed.)

original 2006 edition has now been upgraded to include color
photographs in every chapter and maps to help readers navigate the
story. There’s also a new cover which has already won graphics awards
for the book design firm that created it. The photos were taken by
the author and his wife (who is originally from Mexico City, ) during
more than 50 years of family visits and travel to as many as 53
cities in Mexico.

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Miles’ professional career of almost 50 years was split about
evenly between teaching and broadcasting. He was News Director for
radio stations in NYC, NY, CT, FL, NE and Texas. He won AP’s “Best
Newscast” award in Nebraska, his news teams in Florida and Nebraska
have won numerous awards, and he has judged broadcast news awards for
UPI Rhode Island. He has taught at the Universities of Florida and
Nebraska, at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas,and at
elementary schools in New York, Connecticut and Texas.

is the author of two books in the field of broadcast news: Broadcast
News Handbook and Broadcast Newswriting Stylebook. He has a
bachelor’s in education from the State University of New York at New
Paltz and a master’s in journalism and Communications from the
University of Florida.

is Don’s fifth book. There was a 2006 edition of this current
volume, but several new features appear in the new version including
maps to help the reader navigate the text and color photos in every
chapter. There was also Cinco de Mayo, the Novel, published in 2012.

inspiration for this book came mainly from his late wife, Dr. Minerva
Gonzalez-Angulo Miles. Minerva grew up in Mexico City near Emperor
Maximilian’s Chapultepec Castle, and would often visit the castle
and view the portrait of the emperor and empress whose story is
featured as part of the history you’ll follow as you read the book.


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6 Ways for Seniors to Improve Their Quality of Life

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022


What does the term “quality of life” mean to you? Perhaps it’s feeling happy, participating in a thriving community, or simply having basic necessities on hand. Everyone is different, and what you feel improves your quality of life may not improve your spouse’s or friends. If you’re ready to make a change for the better, here are six ways below.


  1. Make Time for Exercise

Lucas van Oort

Whether you love or hate exercise, it’s necessary if you want to stay both mentally and physically fit. Seniors can benefit from strength training and flexibility exercises in addition to cardio fitness. Join a group for seniors if you don’t like exercising alone, and make it a priority to try new forms of exercise until you find one that you like and will stick with long term.


  1. Start a Hobby Business

John Moeses Bauan

If you’ve worked for your entire adult life and you’re now approaching (or have already entered) retirement, consider what a good retirement looks like to you. Do you want to completely quit working and travel, or do you see yourself working part-time to maintain a sense of community and routine?


Some seniors prefer to start businesses out of hobbies such as quilt-making, gardening, or woodworking. Research what type of business you would like to start, and register your business with your state.


  1. Volunteer for a Cause

Elissa Garcia

Helping someone else is one of the best ways to achieve a higher state of mental health. Volunteer to read at a library, deliver meals to those who can’t cook for themselves, or pass on career-related knowledge as a mentor. GVI points out that there are many volunteer opportunities available for people over the age of 50.


  1. Learn Something New

Vlad Sargu

Just as the best way to stay physically fit is to get regular exercise, the surest way to keep your mental faculties intact is to engage them. Study a language you’ve always been interested in, audit a class at a local university, or read books in a genre you wouldn’t have otherwise considered for variety’s sake. Also consider taking online courses in an area that’s always interested you, such as classes leading to a bachelor’s in English or Accounting.


  1. Consider Nutritional Supplements

Laurynas Mereckas

According to the National Institute on Aging, nutritional supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and calcium may help alleviate symptoms of senior-specific health conditions. Using these and other options such as high-quality plant-based protein powder can make up for diet deficits. Work with your doctor or health practitioner to determine which ones would benefit you the most. Be careful to consult with your medical team before starting any on your own if you take any prescription medication.


  1. Relocate

Phil Hearing

Is it time to downsize from the suburban four-bedroom home where you raised your kids to an apartment? Perhaps you wish to move to the city where your adult daughter now lives to spend more time with her and your grandkids. Relocating to a favorite town, a warmer climate, or to a place that’s closer to loved ones can make a world of difference.


Improving your quality of life involves different strategies and techniques for different people. Listen to your gut to find out what’s truly important to you, and act accordingly once you understand what matters most to you at this stage in your life.

All the best and thanks for reading,
Annabelle Harris

Animals can be our heroes, our confidantes, our coaches, and our best examples of unconditional love

Sunday, April 17th, 2022


Prints On My Soul

Divas That Care Collection

Candace Gish

Non-Fiction Animal Anthology

 In Animal
Prints on My Soul
we explore the human-animal bond through the experiences and stories
of women. Featuring horses, dogs, cats, birds, and more, animal
lovers will connect with these ordinary – yet extraordinary –
stories of how animals impact our lives. Heartwarming, touching, and
joyful, this book is a splendid gift for those who love animals. The
stories of Healing, Connection, and Love & Loss also encourage us
to pause and appreciate the wonderful gifts our animal friends bring
us so we’ve provided deeper-dive prompts for those who would like
to transform these blessings into inspiration for their own lives.

Animal Prints on My Soul:


Wisdom of Horses – Angie Payne

from an Angel – Daphne McDonagh

Healing Journey with Animals – Diane Rose-Solomon

Unicorn Search – Beth Lauren Parrish

Beauty – Ginny Jablonski

Friend by My Side – Marla Patrick

First Best Friend – Deb Matlock

the Children – Lorie Murphey

Horse, a Boy, and Undying Love – Naomi McDonald

from a Red-Tailed Hawk – Linda Roberts

Divine Communication – Esta Bernstein

It Means to Be a Red Barn Horse – Alexis Braswell

Girl Memories – Abigail Stimpert

God Says, “Wait.” – Hannah Stimpert

Go and Holding On – Donna Palamar

Story – Sharon Dilley

Marathons and My Trainer – Jo Dibblee

in Flight – Haseena Patel

and Loss

with Love – Kate Neligan

Animals – Stef Skupin

Life – Joyce Benning

People vs. Dogs – Katherine Jensen

the Community Cat Lady – Kathy Lynn Mackison

Death, and Dying – Tracy Pierce

Heart, and Home – Ley-Anne Mountain

Fate Brings You Fur Kids – Jean Brannon

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***Check out the
Divas That Care Podcast with special author interviews HERE!**

Candace Gish helps
women open their eyes to the possibilities around them. As founder of
the Divas That Care podcast community and network, Candace enjoys
connecting with goal-oriented women committed to making a difference.
She advocates for collaborative mentorship and strong, supportive
groups of women converging to create change.

first Absolute Love Publishing book is Animal
Prints on My Soul
and the Divas That Care community has been featured in all volumes of
ALOVEDLIFE. Candace’s four daughters and husband inspire her every
day. Visit

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3 Essential Questions to Ask Before Moving a Senior to Assisted Living

Saturday, March 12th, 2022


As our parents and relatives grow older, their needs begin to change. Recognizing that the need for more concentrated care is developing can be difficult when thinking about someone you love so dearly. But choosing to help them make this transition can be crucial for protecting their health and safety. So if you think your aging family member may need senior care, here are a few things to consider.


Does Your Loved One Need Care or Company?

This is a crucial question to ask before talking to your loved one about making changes to their current living situation. That’s because too many people think that independent and assisted living are one and the same, when there are some pretty big differences between these two senior housing possibilities.


If your loved one is merely lonely and would like a few perks, like special services and extra amenities, then choosing an independent living community may be more appropriate. These communities allow seniors to live near one another, and most provide added opportunities for socialization, like fitness classes or planned events, but they don’t provide assistance when it comes to routine care or health needs. So if your aging parents need help with things like taking medications or getting dressed, assisted living residences offer compassionate care in a safe, comfortable, and engaging environment.


In addition to senior living communities, you may have other avenues for preventing feelings of isolation for your senior loved one. For example, many older adults have started co-housing with seniors or even younger people to avoid loneliness.


Does Your Parent Need to Downsize a Home?

When it comes time for retirement, many seniors opt to downsize their homes. Moving to a smaller home can help seniors enjoy their retirement in several ways, but some of the most common reasons for downsizing include reducing maintenance responsibilities and monthly expenses. If your loved one simply wants fewer obligations and more cushion in their bank account, a downsize can be a great way to achieve both. Whether it’s to a smaller home or an independent living community, help them get an idea of what they can afford based on an estimate of what their house could sell for.


If your senior loved one is thinking about downsizing soon, this may be a perfect time to discuss assisted living and other long-term care plans for the future. This can be particularly helpful if your loved one’s primary reason for moving is that they can no longer care for their home, and if you notice signs of them having problems performing activities of daily living (ADLs) as well. While an inability to carry out simple living tasks is not reason enough for a move into assisted living, it can help you figure out whether hiring in-home help or looking for other care possibilities is a necessary step. If your loved one can still perform ADLs, then focusing on aging in place in the new home may be more practical.


Does Your Family Member Need Specialty Care?

Major health concerns are some of the most common reasons that family caregivers begin considering assisted living for their senior loved ones, and these health issues can include things like dementia, Alzheimer’s, hip injuries, and reduced mobility.


When these sorts of chronic health problems first arise, family members may wish to become caregivers before moving a loved one to assisted living or other care communities, but it’s important for those caregivers to understand the unique challenges that come with caring for a senior loved one. Looking after a senior loved one who has a chronic illness can become overwhelming for caregivers and can lead to burnout and depression. If you are unable to assume these responsibilities or your loved one needs more dedicated care, a professional, caring senior community can be a perfect choice.


There are so many reasons why your aging loved one may need to move into an assisted living community or choose another housing option. When the decision has been made and you are both ready to move onto the next steps in planning and preparation, having some pertinent resources may come in handy, and we hope the above guide will help.

The Unicorn in You, Joshua Kramer identifies a sensible path to peace and joy based on the fundamental principles of kindness, gratitude, integrity, humility, and acceptance

Monday, March 7th, 2022


Unicorn In You: A Path to Peace and Joy

Joshua Kramer

Nonfiction, Self-Help, Personal Growth & Control

be light, you first have to be solid…

you ever tried to find peace and joy by simply being? Or
do you take a different path, instead wandering down the frustrating
road of always doing?

pursuit of meaningful personal growth can be elusive and difficult to
sustain. We search for an approach that feels natural and organic,
but our success is often short lived. What if we had a foundation of
values that removed this weight of expectation and emphasized a
strong basis for living?

In The
Unicorn in You
, Joshua Kramer identifies a sensible path to peace
and joy based on the fundamental principles of kindness, gratitude,
integrity, humility, and acceptance. He outlines practical,
actionable steps for reconnecting with these universal qualities and
demonstrates how our potential extends beyond what most of us
envision in our daily lives. The Unicorn in You is
an inspirational guide and powerful reminder to step out of your
head, build a foundation for being, and take the path less traveled
to unlock a more peaceful, joyful life.

Sale for Only .99 cents Feb 22-Mar 1!**

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Joshua Kramer is the
creator of The Unicorn in You, a personal growth and development
perspective that emphasizes five key principles as the foundation for
peace and joy.

As a lifelong
student of numerous self-help practices, he arrived at his simplified
approach after struggling to identify a method that was less
mechanical and unnatural, and more instinctual and organic.

He is the Managing
Partner of Kramer Chandler, a real estate business founded in 1922,
and an active member of YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization). When
not pursuing his passion for travel, he can be found more locally
around town walking his beloved Havanese, Buddy.

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Beginning vegetable gardeners can harvest bountiful produce the first year

Saturday, February 19th, 2022


Gardening From the Ground Up

Stephanie Suesan Smith

How-To, DIY Gardening

vegetable gardeners can harvest bountiful produce the first year.

a beginner can succeed without enduring trial and error methods by
following the clear, concise instructions in Vegetable Gardening From
The Ground Up. In this book, Dr. Smith explains the keys to:

basic climate factors for your site

a traditional, raised bed, container, square-foot, or lasagna garden

the garden plot

the seeds and plants

the potential vegetables correctly

the plants

your flourishing plants appropriately

pests, diseases, and other problems

use pesticides

your bountiful produce

store the harvest

seeds and/or trade them

for the garden plot between seasons

you’re ready to discover the joy of growing your own nutritious and
delicious food, click the buy button now!

* Amazon

Smith, PhD., is a Master Gardener who was born in Dallas, Texas,
longer ago than she cares to mention. Stephanie began gardening as
soon as she could stick an onion start in the ground. Her father
taught her to grow things to eat, and that is her specialty. She is a
member of the Texas Master Gardeners Association and the Dallas
County Master Gardener Association. She was awarded 2014 Master
Gardner of the Year for Hunt County, Texas. Things of beauty are also
important, so she grows African violets, is a member of the African
Violet Society of America, and a member of the Alpha African Violet
Society of Dallas.

was first published by a national magazine in 1990 and has since been
published in several periodicals. Gardening articles have appeared in
Animal Wellness,
903 Magazine,
and the
Greenville Herald Banner,
among numerous other places. Articles and technical papers in
psychology make up the balance of her periodical publications.

received a B.S. in psychology from Texas Christian University and a
M.S. and Ph.D. in psychology from Texas A&M University.
Currently, she resides in Dallas with her toy poodle, Jewel.

Stephanie’s vegetable website,
, and read her blog, view her photographs, and participate in the
conversations going on there. Feel free to ask gardening questions or
leave a comment on one of the blog posts. Her garden content writer
website is
She has many gardening articles online and her portfolio is at

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Orphaned by the earthquake and powerful eruption of Mt. Etna in 1908, Angela is raised in the strict confines of an Italian convent

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022


Benevolence of New Ideas

Woman’s Journey From Sicily to America Book 3

Carmela Cattuti

Historical Women’s Fiction

satisfying conclusion to Angela Lanza’s story which began
the Cracks
she loses her entire family in the earthquake on Sicily following the
1908 eruption of Mt. Etna and continues in 
she adjusts to life in the United States as a new bride and Italian
American immigrant. Now, the final installment in the trilogy, 
Benevolence of New Ideas
thrusts Angela and her family into the heart of the Vietnam War and
the turbulent times of the 1970s.

the family matriarch, Angela guides her niece, Marie, through these
challenges and the era’s limiting structures of education and
organized religion, helping Marie to embrace new ideas and expand her
intuition and relationship with the unseen world. Angela’s
compassion and wisdom has an exceptional impact on Marie’s life and
those around her. A fulfilling ending that celebrates Angela’s
wisdom in all things along with her well-lived life from tragedy to
triumph and from heartbreak to the enduring love of family.

* Amazon



Woman’s Journey From Sicily to America Book 2

sequel to Carmela Cattuti’s first novel, Between the Cracks,, this
story invites the reader to accompany Angela Lanza as she builds her
life in America during the first half of the 20th century. A Sicilian
immigrant, she manages to assimilate into the social life of a small
town outside of New York City. Through the horrors of war, domestic
tragedy, and raising her sister-in-law’s children, hers is a
successful immigrant experience. Angela seeks to transcend organized
religion and develop her spirituality. She influenced three
generations of Americans through her artistic sensibility and a
sharpened intuition. The book parallels America’s growth with
Angela’s growing sense of who she is in the world.

* Amazon


the Cracks

Woman’s Journey From Sicily to America Book 1

Angela Lanza as she experiences the tumultuous world of early 20th
century Sicily and New York. Orphaned by the earthquake and powerful
eruption of Mt. Etna in 1908, Angela is raised in the strict confines
of an Italian convent. Through various twists of fate, she is married
to a young Italian man whom she barely knows, then together with her
spouse, immigrates to the U.S. This novel is an invitation to
accompany the young Angela as she confronts the ephemeral nature of
life on this planet and navigates the wide cultural gaps between
pre-World War II Italy and the booming prosperity of dynamic young

artist, and teacher Carmela Cattuti created Between the Cracks as an
homage to her great-aunt, who survived the earthquake and eruption of
Mt. Etna and bravely left Sicily to start a new life in America.

* Amazon
* Audible


Cattuti started her writing career as a journalist for the Somerville
News in Boston, MA. After she finished her graduate work in English
Literature from Boston College she began to write creatively and
taught a journal writing course at the Cambridge Center for Adult
Education. As fate would have it, she felt compelled to write this
homage to her great-aunt, who survived the earthquake and eruption of
Mt. Edna and bravely left Sicily to start a new life in America.
Between the Cracks
and The Ascent
began the story, which now concludes with the final book in the

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No matter what you choose to do, so long as you are engaging your grandchild in activities they enjoy, you will both have fun

Monday, December 20th, 2021


Entertaining and Educating Your Grandkids at the same time…what a great idea


Watching our grandkids is so much more than babysitting. It’s a time to bond, laugh and teach while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some fun and engaging ways you and the grandkids can pass the time together, courtesy of acclaimed author Anna del C. Dye.




Cooking is something everyone eventually has to do. If you get your grandkids started early, they can learn healthy and safe habits that may, hopefully, carry on into adulthood. The first thing you should discuss with your grandchild is kitchen safety. Don’t just tell them to wash their hands. Show them how, and teach them why.


Keep hair out of food by pulling it back, and teach them about safety regarding raw foods. Meat should never be taste-tested until it is done cooking, and advise them about cross-contamination. Stay close as you have your grandchild prep the food. You may want to buy children-safe tools, so they can participate in each step of cooking. Always be by their side when a hot surface is being used. Taking your eyes away for even a moment can result in a burn. By cooking together, not only can they have fun making a meal they will enjoy, they learn basic skills they will need.





Developing a hobby with your grandchild can be fun, rewarding and give them something they can be proud of. There are many hobbies you can choose from, like knitting, or painting, but, if you have the space, woodworking can be a great way for kids to experiment. This is a great hobby for children of all ages, but make sure that little ones stick to things such as gluing precut pieces, or painting.


Older children, with help and close supervision, might want to cut their own pieces or use a hammer and nails to build something a bit sturdier. Start with simple projects, and build complexity together. Not only can they make their own toys, but also they can make gifts for others that your grandkids can be proud of. Projects like these might develop into a lifelong hobby.



It is never too early to get your grandkids excited about learning. Choose an easy science experiment, preferably one where your grandchild can see how things can change form. It’s exciting, fun, and even better if you can eat the results. By making something like edible glass, you can teach them about real glass, but also give them a sweet treat to carefully munch afterwards. You can make different colors, which can further engage your grandkids by having fun piecing together different pieces, similar to stained glass. There are many other science experiments you can enjoy with your grandkids, depending on what your particular little one enjoys.



No matter how old your grandchild is, gardening is something you can do together (especially if you pick up some child-friendly gardening tools) There are many edible plants that are easy for children to grow. While flowers are fun for children to look at when they bloom, it’s great if you can teach your grandkids the joy of harvesting something they grew themselves. You can teach them about how healthy and easy it is to eat responsibly, but also give them something to be proud of. Lettuce, tomatoes and radishes all grow quickly, and you may be able to get picky eaters to try vegetables that they grew themselves.


Additionally, gardening is great for those who work out of the home. According to ZenBusiness, it’s easy to go a little stir crazy when you’re cooped up inside for too long, so this a nice way to fit in some fresh air while still spending time with your kids. Depending on your job, you can also bring your phone with you, in case you have a business call you can’t miss.


No matter what you choose to do, so long as you are engaging your grandchild in activities they enjoy, you will both have fun. By teaching them how to safely craft, cook, garden or make an experiment, you can help them grow. These years together are precious, and you should celebrate them to create lasting memories, which you can both cherish.


Anna del C. Dye is the author of The Silent Warrior Trilogy, a tale from medieval times full of courage, grief, love and war. Check out her other books as well!


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Murphy’s digging uncovered “game-changing” evidence of police corruption that had tainted Sean’s trial and resulted in his conviction being overturned in 2015

Wednesday, December 15th, 2021


For Life

Elaine Alice Murphy

True Crime, Nonfiction

Newsweek, compiled a listing of the top true crime documentaries on
tells the true story of Sean Ellis who was wrongfully convicted as a
teenager in the murder of Boston police officer John J. Mulligan
in 1993 was in the top five.

you have not seen it, you must. It will bring you into a world that
most of us never knew existed. It will make you angry and ask
yourself that proverbial question, how can this happen in the United
States of America?  

eight episodes, the gripping documentary follows Ellis’ fight for
freedom as he awaits a potential fourth trial and attempts to expose
the systemic racism and corruption within the justice system which
landed him in jail in the first place.

Elaine Alice Murphy. While living and working in Montreal, she
learned of the controversial Mulligan case and Sean’s conviction –
and recognized him as her son’s childhood friend from their years
in Massachusetts. Stricken to think that the gentle boy she
remembered would die in prison an innocent man, she visited him,
began researching his case, and committed to join his family and
lawyers in a quest to free him. Murphy’s digging uncovered
“game-changing” evidence of police corruption that had tainted
Sean’s trial and resulted in his conviction being overturned in

has written a book,
her experiences not only through the trial and her  connection
to Mr. Ellis, but her own journey through a corrupt criminal justice
system and recounts her horror at the vastly different Americas
experienced by Sean and her own son growing up.

For Life
will be released early next year. Distributed in North America and
Internationally by Cardinal Publishing Group, her book will be
available in bookstores and across all classes of trade as well as
online and  as an e-book on most platforms.

For Life, A Journey into Murder, Corruption and Friendship
promises to be a bestselling, must read and perhaps one of the most
important books on 2022.

remarkable story beautifully told … of what it takes to make the
criminal legal system fair – dogged determination, years and years
of work, and a clear-eyed vision of what is right, no matter what the
cost.” – Honorable
Nancy Gertner, retired judge, U.S. District Court, D. Mass.; senior
lecturer, Harvard Law School

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in the critically acclaimed Netflix Series “Trial 4”!


Alice Murphy was born and raised in Massachusetts, and graduated from
Boston College in 1967 with an honors degree in English and earned a
master’s degree in human development from Harvard University in
1978. After a post-college year as a Pan Am flight attendant during
which she flew in and out of war-torn Vietnam with U.S. troops, she
spent a decade in education. She was an English teacher in Boston and
then a program administrator for the Massachusetts Department of

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