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Chasing Catherine is a Contemporary Romance about escaping abuse, friendship, and finding love after heartbreak

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021




Dana Bowen & Chloe Brogan


Contemporary Romance



was all I could do last night to let you walk away from me. I wanted
you to stay so badly. I wanted to sit and talk the rest of the night.
I wanted to walk you home.” His eyes drag greedily down my body
and back up to meet my gaze. “I can’t seem to get enough of you.
You showed up tonight in that dress, and I thought I was going to
have a heart attack.” He closes the last bit of distance between
us, dropping his hands to rest lightly on my hips.
Chasing Catherine is a Contemporary Romance about escaping abuse, friendship, and finding love after heartbreak. This heartfelt and empowering story follows Catherine Martin after her escape from an abusive ex-boyfriend and her journey to self-discovery. This book is the first of two about Catherine and Nathan, as well as the jumping-off point in the Bethon Grove series. 24 chapters of romance, compassion, self-discovery, drama, family, and friendship.


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Dana and Chloe grew up in rural Ohio, and sparked a close friendship in the summer of 2019. When the Pandemic hit in 2020 they saw it as an opportunity to be adventurous. As two young moms, they spent months finding creative outlets through baking and art, but they were running out of things to do. So, when Dana came to Chloe one Friday over coffee and suggested they write a book — it seemed like the next logical step in their endeavors to use their time at home to pursue something they’d always dreamed of doing. The two discovered quickly that they made a great pair, and the story spun itself together almost overnight. The pair plan to keep up the momentum as Indie Authors, exploring all subgenres of romance in their coming stories.

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Unsevered by Traci Sanders Pre-Written Guest Post

Friday, March 10th, 2017
Traci Sanders
Romance, Supernatural
stars have never made me feel like this. Where are my Kleenex?”
Allaina Daniels

gripping story of love found, lost, and rediscovered in a magical
has met the man of her dreams … the one person with whom she’s
meant to spend eternity. Harley is charming, charismatic, and
although he can’t carry a tune in a bucket, he’s the most
gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes upon—especially in his U.S. Air
Force uniform.
days after the couple returns from their honeymoon, Harley is called
to active duty in the Middle East. Jewel is heartbroken but
determined to adapt to her new life as a military spouse and support
her husband. Her plan is short-lived when Harley is killed in action
just days after his deployment.
to cope, Jewel withdraws from her family, friends, and the world
around her, until Harley visits her with a message from the beyond.
Jewel surrender to the dark side to be with her true love, or will
she discover that sometimes people are put in our paths for reasons
beyond our understanding?
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