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Fall Into Fantasy: 2020 Edition

Thursday, January 21st, 2021


Into Fantasy: 2020 Edition


Mixed Fantasy Anthology


Into Fantasy 2020 brings you thirteen tales from authors new and
familiar. Our authors explore many subgenres of fantasy and ask
questions like, “What if someone out there is writing your life
story?”, “Can you change your reality through dreams?”,
“If someone is so securely locked away, is there a reason?”,
and “If you could do over a decision in your life, would


bring you wizards, a magic hat, vampires, and fantastical creatures
to tickle your imagination. They explore social media challenges and
the powers of a child’s imagination.


along with us on these journeys. You may just find a new favorite
author to follow.



In This Edition:


Scribnery” by Jessica Chanese


Encounter” by S. A. McKenzie


A.M. Challenge” by David Powell


Magnificent Hat” by Bethany A. Perry


Prisoner’s Cage” by Alex Minns


of Your Dreams” by Chris Bauer


& Lies” by Mato J. Steger


of Lost Souls” by David Cleden


the Last King Dies” by Jess Ko


Regret” by R.A. Clarke


Princess in the Tower” by S.E. White


a Fledgling” by Elyssa Campbell


Overlander’s Poison” by Amy de la Force




Into Fantasy: 2019 Edition


Mixed Fantasy Anthology


Into Fantasy 2019 brings you 13 tales from faces familiar and fresh
to our family. As you read these pages we hope you, like us: will
laugh, cry, and hopefully keep down your lunch. We bring you stories
of vampires and faeries, wolf men and spirit children. You’ll find
supernatural sirens and super intelligent felines. Magical people and
even a magical goat that will certainly make you laugh. Be careful
with your social media and hopefully you’ll still be able to
stomach pepperoni after you read these tales. Warlocks and witches,
including an interesting take on Lilith. Meanwhile, our favorite
Sandhog tangles with Homeland Security and a Minotaur. Join us for a
romp through these fantastic tales of fantasy. We’re sure you’ll
find something you like.


In This Edition:

In A Name?” by Linda M. Crate
“The Maiden’s Sacrifice” by
Matthew McKiernan
“The Demon In The Mask” by James Pyles

“Runa and the Dark Forest” by J.C. Pillard
by Sandy Stuckless
“The Demonologist of Kraith” by Mike
“Possession is 9/10ths of the Pepperoni” by Molly
“Lesser Men” by Clint Foster
“Wyrwood” by
Jillian Wahlquist
“The Hanged Man’s Hand” by Alex
“The Weeper of Kirka” by Tannara Young
“The Fig
Merchant’s Daughter” by Brenda Anderson
“The Minotaur” by
Tony Conaway


Into Fantasy: 2018 Edition


Mixed Fantasy Anthology


Into Fantasy returns with thirteen new stories to delight your
imagination. You’ll see some familiar names and some brand new
authors in this edition. Check inside for some great stories
from:Jaap Boekestein, Bill Davidson, Anna O’Brien, Andrew
Sweetapple, Carrie Gessner, Mark Easterday, S. A. McKenzie, Dwain
Campbell, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Owen Morgan, David O’Hanlon, Tony
Conaway, and Austin Worley.These authors have worked hard to bring
you exciting new adventures in magic, the supernatural, and mythical
creatures. We hope you’ll laugh, cry, and maybe think a little bit
just like we did when we read these tales.

In This Edition:

Dance of Wind and Water” by Jaap Boekestein 


“The Sad Girl, A
Fairy Tale” by Bill Davidson


“Dinner Plate Dahlias” by Anne
“Twice Dammed” by Andrew Sweetapple
Spells” by Carrie Gesner
“Talisman” by Mark Easterday
“Fluffy” by S.A. McKenzie
“The Witch of Endor” by
Dwain Campbell
“Harvest” by Jennifer Lee Rossman
Wings of Thunder” by Owen Morgan
“Serpent’s Rock” by
David O’Hanlon
“It Only Takes a Moment” by Tony Conaway
“Storming Gelon” by Austin Worley


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Into Fantasy: 2017 Edition


Mixed Fantasy Anthology


Into Fantasy contains thirteen unique takes on the Fantasy genre from
authors of all walks of life, from prolific authors, to newcomers.
With everything from dwarves and magic, to zombies and a bookstore
that can transport you to other worlds, there is something for
everyone in these pages.

In This Edition:

the Listener” by David Pauly


“Today’s Gift, Tomorrow’s
Curse” by Andrew Sweetapple


“Kitchen Magic” by Susan Bass
“Care of Laborers’ Local Union No. 147” by Tony
“Gammer Lobstone” by Sandra Unerman
Readings” by Frank Roger
“The Fairy’s Tale IV” by Art
“Six Degrees of Zombie Separation” by Molly Neely
“They’d Be An Army In Autumn” by Shane Porteous
by Mark Easterday
“Child of the Roses” by Linda M. Crate
“Hot and Cold Running Magic” by Anne E. Johnson
by Jack E. Mohr


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