A Most Rebellious Debutant by Karen Abbott

Karen’s A Most Rebellious Debutant is an awesome story of the regency era. As such it is full of rules and laws for the young debutant in England. This is a great book; it kept me glued to the pages with the excitement of being young and carefree.

Lucy, a seventeen-year-old, young, debutant falls in love with her dance teacher, an older young man, who sweeps her off her feet by his mere presence. In an age when a young lady was never meant to be alone in a room with a male, the dance teacher secretly stages a situation with his violinist who the maid takes to the kitchen after a fit of coughing to leave Miss Lucy alone with the teacher.

A moment later, her mother’s outraged cries separate her from the dance teacher’s arms. When Lucy’s father comes, he and his wife talk with the man, who accepts a handsome amount to keep his mouth shut and to stay away from the girl.

Lucy, when told of this, can’t believe it. She thinks he really loves her, but he is an opportunist and nothing more than a charlatan.

In disgrace with her family, she is sent to live with her married sister and her children. While taking care of them, she meets a soldier who is healing from multiple wounds. Soon she finds out that he is secretly staying there to regain his strength to revenge the death of his brother. Before the end of the book she saves his life, despite her upbringing and the displeasure of her family. Once again she is swept away in disgrace, this time to be hurriedly married to a forty-something neighbor. Yet, to her pleasure, she is saved from her dark fate by no other than the Earl of Montcliffe.

This is a delightful, well-done story.

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