Kassidy Simmons dispatched the Angel of Death, secured the Scythe of Cronus, and claimed her birthright



Simmons Book 1

Dennis K. Crosby

Urban Fantasy

years ago, Reaper of Souls Kassidy Simmons battled Azra-El, the Angel
of Death and won—or so she thought. Now, a number of strange and
unexplained deaths are afflicting Kassidy’s quiet New York town.

wishes she didn’t care. But she does. Her empathic abilities are
expanding beyond her control, and the intense emotions are tearing
apart her relationships. They’re also degrading the magical wards
put in place to protect her from other Reapers and the even deadlier
Wraiths—onyx-eyed henchmen of Azra-El.

with her longtime mentor and a college professor with ties to her
past, Kassidy learns that the untimely deaths are regenerating
Azra-El, and that the only way to stop him is with the Scythe of
Cronus, the legendary weapon of the God of Death.

save her loved ones and reset the natural order, Kassidy must journey
home and confront a past she’s been running from for two decades.
She’ll face-off with enemies, old and new, and through a haze of
fear and addiction, Kassidy will learn the secrets of her heritage,
and challenge head on the one being she fears most—herself.

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Simmons Book 2

Simmons dispatched the Angel of Death, secured the Scythe of Cronus,
and claimed her birthright. As she navigates her new role and tracks
down rogue Wraiths still loyal to Azra-El, an unknown force is
plotting to make an ancient prophecy foretelling the end of the world
a reality.

hundred years ago, Jaxon Burke awoke in a field outside of Rome, with
no memory of his former life. Now a present-day killer for hire, the
immortal assassin has taken countless lives, and, because of the
recent shake-up in the natural order, the memories of those deaths
are fueling his nightmares—nightmares that feel real. He longs for
relief. He longs for peace.

longs for death.

recent brush with the hereafter brings him to the attention of
Solomon Steele, a Wraith angered by Kassidy’s recent ascension.
With the promise of death as his reward, Jaxon agrees to help Steele
destroy Kassidy—but he is ill-prepared for the repercussions of
this strange world he is now in.

the truth of Jaxon’s life comes to light, Kassidy must find a way
to pay for the sins of the past and stop this deadly duo from
destroying her, taking the Scythe of Cronus, and ushering in the

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will be at the San Diego Writers Festival on 10/8/22 in Coronado and
will be selling and signing copies of both books. The event is free,
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Diego Writer’s Festival | Words. Stories. Community. | October 8th


also has a virtual panel with the San Diego Central Library. You can
here: https://sandiego.librarymarket.com/event/virtual-event-meet-your-friendly-neighborhood-horror-author

K. Crosby grew up in Oak Park, IL and completed his undergraduate
work at the University of Illinois-Chicago. With a degree in Criminal
Justice, he spent six years working as a Private Investigator. His
love of learning about, and better understanding people, led him to
pursue a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. During his
studies, Dennis transitioned to social service, and since 2008, has
worked primarily with men and women experiencing challenges with
mental health and addiction. He continues to be a staunch advocate of
mental health reform, social justice, and efforts to combat

always had a passion for writing but did not pursue the finer points
of the craft until later in life. After leaving Illinois and moving
to San Diego, Dennis connected with the local writing community where
he strengthened his talents and understanding of the art of writing
and the business of publishing. To further supplement his writing
skills, in 2018, Dennis completed an MFA program at National

he is the award-winning author of the Amazon bestselling urban
fantasy novel, Death’s Legacy,
released November 2020, and its follow up Death’s
released November 2021. The
bourbon loving Chicago Cubs fan and deep-dish pizza connoisseur is
continuing his work on his Kassidy Simmons series and writing weird
and creepy short stories in his spare time. A self-proclaimed geek
and lover of pop culture, Dennis still lives and writes in San Diego,

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