River finds he’s brought all his old problems along on the journey and in the middle of the ocean, there is no further place to run

Antlands Series Book 1
Genevieve Morrissey
Science Fiction

It seemed like a
good idea… Genetically engineer a species of humanoid
workers—strong, tireless, minimally intelligent—to become
laborers for humans. What could possibly go wrong?

For a thousand
years, humans have had to fight for their survival against the mute,
feral “Ants,” created as workers but now gone rogue, scavenging
and slaughtering everything in their path.

The beleaguered
humans, in the meantime, have evolved two distinct cultures. The
disciplined, insular Foresters prioritize safety over personal
freedom in their woodland strongholds, while the more individualistic
Men embrace an urban lifestyle and are eager to reimplement the
technology of past ages. Nominally allies against the Ants, the two
groups deeply mistrust each other.

Deer, a despondent
Forester soldier, is one of his people’s foremost authorities on
Ants. He knows with perfect certainty that Ant-raiders never leave
survivors. So how, amid the carnage of a raided Man-village, is one
small girl still alive? She says her name is Anne; but who is she,
and what is her secret?

Deer takes Anne to
the forest to grow up, where years later, a horrifying revelation
about her may provide a means for Men and Forester to finally defeat
the Ants—but only if they can put aside their differences and work

Full of
unforgettable characters, masterful dialog, and riveting
scenes, Antlands is ultimately a story of hope, healing,
and redemption.

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Antlands Series Book 2


the last Ant-War, Anna of Evergreen goes with a party of Foresters,
Men, and Ants to seek sanctuary on an island. None of them are ever
seen again.

years later, the launch of the Muriel, the first
steel-hulled, powered ship built since ancient times, offers Anna’s
friends a chance to discover what happened to the lost colonists—if
they can persuade River, the Muriel’s designer, to lead
an expedition to find her. Exiled from the forest, estranged from his
family, and crippled by rage and guilt, River agrees to the plan. Not
only was Anna his first love, but the journey, he believes, will
provide an exciting new distraction from his pain.

the adventure of River’s life, but when the voyage proves longer
and more perilous than anyone anticipated, he finds he’s brought
all his old problems along with him on the journey—and in the
middle of the ocean, there is no further place for him to run. The
struggle to survive reveals River’s limitations, but also his
strengths, and with this new self-knowledge, River reassesses his
life. The Muriel may provide a whole new
life-purpose for him—but is he up to the challenge?

second book in the Antlands series, Annasland is
an adventure novel that explores themes of prejudice and hate, love,
loss and redemption in a post-apocalyptic setting.

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Morrissey is an avid student of British and American social history,
but through one of those strange little quirks of fate she spends
most of her days talking with scientists.

In Antlands,
she explores a future history of societies coping with the loss of
civilization, and their attempts to rebuild it.

with coeditor Sarah Morrissey, Genevieve has previously published 
Complete Raffles: Annotated and Illustrated.

enjoys reading obscure books, travel, good cooking, and solitude.

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